Kimbro's and the Bluebird...

     Currently, I am writing this on a cozy couch looking out my window to find a few snow flakes on the ground. Just like that, all of Nashville has shut down. I guess it's not that different from North Carolina after all, haha. I’ve been meaning to write this post for a few days now, but I’ve been so busy hopping all around Franklin I haven’t had the time. It guess it takes a rain/snow day for me to slow down and catch you guys up! 

     The past two weeks I’ve been playing at a few songwriter nights. I haven’t had the chance to go to many but I found one I really like! Thanks to my lovely friend, Brad Smith, I found Kimbro’s Cafe in Franklin. They have an open mic night every Tuesday hosted by Dawn and Nash from Tawny River. Kimbro’s has a super friendly vibe. If you don’t know anyone walking in I guarantee you won’t leave without someone starting a conversation with you. I love it so much because when you’re new to town it’s really comforting. There’s also a really diverse group of songwriters. 

First night at Kimbro's.

First night at Kimbro's.

Second night at Kimbro's

Second night at Kimbro's

     I also played at the Bluebird’s open mic night hosted by Barbara Cloyd. There’s definitely a different feel to it but it’s entertaining all the same. I love being around people who challenge you to be better at what you do. There are so many songwriters that are way more experienced than me but it’s so inspiring to be surrounded by it. 

     Other than the songwriter nights, I’ve been settling in my apartment nicely. There is always something to do and somewhere to go, which makes me really happy. I’m a busy body by nature.

     I will probably end up writing another post soon but I just wanted to share my little songwriting adventure with you guys. I love you! 


xx Carson


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