Home is where the studio is.

     Hey guys! Just thought I'd catch you up on what's been going on lately. About a week ago I was in the studio recording two new songs, which I'm SUPER excited about. For anyone who doesn't already know, I love being in the studio. Ever since the first time I was lucky enough to get to record a demo, I've loved everything about it. Not only has so much great music been made in it, but so many amazing artists have worked there for hours at a time to perfect their music. The atmosphere is so laid back. Not to mention I learn something new every time I go there.
     Some of you guys might not know what happens when I go to record, so I'll try to break it down.
Most of the time the full band production is already done, which means just the vocals are left to be recorded. I'm so thankful for the amazing musicians that have played on my songs. The music is normally recorded wherever the session players are ( California, Tennessee, Texas etc.). Every time I go to the studio it's different. It depends on who you're working with. Most of the time we walk in and take a few minutes to catch up with everyone. After that we get down to business. I go into a separate room from the sound board, put on my headphones, and run through the song once so we can get the volumes right, then start to record the real thing.

     Once I've gone through the song about four times I go back to the main room where everyone is. I tend to joke around a little and talk before we are ready to do the vocal comp. I bet some of you guys are wondering what that is exactly. Vocal comp. is when we go through a little section of the song at a time and pick the best parts of the four times I went through the song. It can be quite a tedious job. Some artists leave it up to the producer or engineer to do it, but I can be a perfectionist, and I like getting a say in how I sound in my songs. Once we're done with that, I either go back to the recording room and record the backing vocals, or we're finished. Sometimes it can take hours, or even days. I honestly wouldn't mind having to work in the studio for weeks.
     Like I said I learn new things every time I go to the studio. Sometimes it's musical stuff and others it's stuff about me I never knew. For example, this past week I've learned that I love the technical side of music. Yes, it can be a pain when you have to go through every little detail of a song, or you might be editing something and the computer decides it doesn't want to work, but I could see myself working on that side of music one day. Maybe a producer, or audio engineer? I don't know, but it definitely makes me think. I know right, that sounds scary! Haha. I guess everyone learns new things about themselves every day.
     I know I'm probably leaving a few things out on what happens at the studio, but like I said I'm still learning. Plus I think I'm lucky if you guys are still awake after reading this. I hope I'm not too boring and y'all enjoyed reading it. I'd like to quickly thank everyone who helped with my songs! They sound amazing, and I can't wait for everyone to hear them. Keep your eyes out! I'll hopefully post something again soon.

xx Carson