Interviews, Shows, and Twitcams Oh My...

     Well, this week has been pretty busy so far. I started school, *insert sigh* and I've got quite a few music things coming up. One of the things I have to do a lot for my music is interviews. I've done several with podcasts and radio stations. I absolutely love them. Most people would probably think it's because I get to talk about myself, but I just like talking about music, especially when someone asks me who my influences are. I could go on and on all day about my favorite musicians, songwriters, and artists. But most of it is having to talk about my music and writing, which I don't mind at all. I've learned that the hardest part about working in music is getting everyone to listen and share. That's one reason why interviews are so important; they open you up to a whole new set of people. This Friday I have an interview at 12:30 pm with FM 94.3 WRHI's live radio show called "Straight Talk" with Manning Kimmel, which I'm super excited about. Even though I've already done a few interviews, every time is different. Plus I get to share what I'm about, and what my music is about. I'm also a people person; so I love to talk.
     Another thing I have coming up is a show Saturday. A lot of people don't realize what goes into getting ready for a show. I will admit that since I've been performing a lot this summer I have become quite the procrastinator, but most of the time I have my set list ready in a week advance and I've practiced a lot. I always try to do songs that everyone will love, from kids to my grandparents. The really awesome thing about this upcoming show is that it's for the Make A Wish Foundation. I've always wanted to perform for something like this. Not only am I getting to play my music, but its for an amazing cause. So if you want to come to Kings Mountain, NC at 5:30 to help support it that would be awesome.
     The last thing I'm going to do is a Twitcam Friday night at 8:00. Some of y'all probably don't know what that is. A Twitcam is a live video stream that's connected to Twitter. Anyone can watch, even if you don't have a Twitter account. If you do have an account then you can tweet me about it while I'm doing it and I can answer questions, or just talk back and forth. I'm going to have my guitar out so I might play some songs. It's almost like a hangout where everyone can get to know me and my music. I wouldn't be opposed to anyone telling their friends about it and joining! Knowing me, there's no tellin' what might happen haha.
     So to sum everything that's going on this week, I have an interview Friday with FM 94.3 WRHI at 12:30 with Manning Kimmel (You can listen online also), that night I will be doing a Twitcam at 8:00 pm (So please watch and share with friends! You can find a link to it on my Facebook page or Twitter), and finally I have a show Saturday at Kings Mountain, NC at 5:30 pm for the Make A Wish Foundation. Hopefully you can come support the great cause! I hope everyone is doing great.

xx Carson