Snow Day *Insert Squeal*

     If you don't live on the east coast then you probably haven't been seeing all the stuff on the news lately about snow. In the words of my sister, "And the winter storm overreaction of the year goes to all of North Carolina". Here in NC we got just enough snow to enjoy looking at but places like Atlanta, Georgia had more than we did. When you live in the south a little bit of snow is a huge deal. Schools are taking several days off and people go buy tons of food to store up. The truth is we probably look a little crazy to northern people. 
     When I was little, snow days were one of my all time favorite things. We didn't get them too often but when we did my whole family would go sledding at my grandparents house, or walking through the woods. You couldn't pay me to go inside. Since we didn't get a lot this time, I had to settle for just walking through the woods. I took some pictures to share what my snow day in NC looks like. 

(The view from my room.)

(I was not prepared with snow shoes...)

(My dad found this deer scrape.)

(I found some deer prints.)

(I love this shot of my driveway)

(This use to be my Uncle Charles' boat. I love how the snow looks on it.)

(Lastly, my warm, cozy house.)

     I hope you all enjoyed your snow day if you had one. I kept singing "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" all day. Thanks for reading and hopefully I'll do another post soon! Love you guys!