"In My Mind" CD Release Party.

     Hiya! This past week I had a CD release party for my new EP "In My Mind". I was so excited to finally get to celebrate several months of hard work with so many people who have supported me through it. When a CD release party was first suggested to me, I wasn't crazy about the idea. Mostly, because I'm the type of person who always worries that no one will show up. That's one of the main reasons I don't have birthday parties either; go on and call me insane. I'm so happy I did have a party though, despite my weird fear, because so many people showed up to support me. So. Many. People. We ended up having to open some doors in Bean town so everyone could fit in the room. You could say I was a little overwhelmed by all the love I had in that room. I know several people on Facebook told me they couldn't make it because of their jobs or family obligations, so I wanted to share a few pictures for anyone who get didn't come.

(My Acoustic band and I played a set)

(I'm not 100% sure who the courtesy of this picture is but THANK YOU!)

(One angle of the crowd.)

(Photo courtesy of Jan Jenson. Just another angle of the crowd. That isn't even half of it.)

(My Band. Left to right: Paul Graham, Gabe Nicholson, Myself, and Brandon Almond.)

(We had an unplanned karaoke after party. Brandon's son Silas was awesome!)

     All in all it was a wonderful night. I'm super blessed to know so many amazing people. I still can't get over how many showed up. We also had a camera man who came to film some stuff for a special they're doing on me for Carolina Camera! Yep, that's right CAROLINA CAMERA! It's going to air sometime in March or April. I'll let you all know. Again, thank you to anyone who came out. I really do appreciate it. Like I said during my thank you's Monday night, if I could name every single person who has helped me in more ways than one it would take all year. Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU! I love you all so much.