Tracking, Tracking, and more Tracking.

     Wasssup guys! How ya been? I know a lot of you are on the edge of your seats waiting for my new music. I've been posting a lot of tease videos. Yesterday, we tracked the drums with Jimmy Paxson. Kim had told me that Jimmy was the type of guy that never went anywhere without bringing something. If he came over to someones house he always brought some sort of food or present. Sure enough when he walked in the studio he had a bag from Whole Foods and a magazine with the best chicken recipes. I was super nervous about meeting him because he's worked with so many big name artists like Stevie Nicks and Ben Harper. That all went away though when he started telling some hilarious jokes and talked about fishing.

     We tracked drums for a majority of the day. They sounded so killer it's not even funny. In between takes I also got to hear some great Stevie and Ben stories. I think that's been my favorite part of all this, just hearing the stories that these guys have. From driving a van 4 hours one night in the wrong direction and praying your band won't wake up and find out, to how they use to fight over who got the first call on a pay phone. Also, hearing what really goes on behind the scenes was just so cool.

     Once we finished with the drums, I recorded some more vocals. We had a little make shift recording tent thing. It was awesome. I even did a Passed Out Gold picture for my friend Goldy Locks (if you watch my video diaries you know what I'm talking about).


     So that brings us to today! It's my last full day here in LA. I'm so sad. Don't get me wrong I'll be happy to sleep in my own bed again and finally see my sister, but I'm definitely going to miss good 'ole California. We're working on final vocal stuff (like background vocals) right now. I'm literally listening to Brad edit a few things while I'm writing this. It's a lot of clicking sounds and short fragments of music haha.
     I know I've said this a lot but the music is sounding so good. I'm dying for you guys to hear it. Please be patient! I love you guys!


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