Just dropping in to say Hi..... Hi!

     It's safe to say I'm still no good at posting regularly on this blog. I'm trying to get my life a little bit more organized so here I am! First blog post of April! Look for at least one more before the end of this month.
     I've got some exciting stuff coming up. Next week I'm making a trip back to good ole Nashville *Insert happy dance here*. I'll be going to do a photo shoot with one of my favorite human beings on the planet,  Goldy Locks. I worked with her about a year and a half ago and loved it! She's the one who took these beautiful pictures that I've been using for promo (Plus they ended up on People.com)-

     Fun fact: When I first shot with her it was on my Mom's birthday. This time it will be on my Dad's birthday. :D 

     The next thing I'll be doing is a vocal lesson with Brett Manning. Words can't express how excited I am for that. I've already had one lesson with him plus I use his Singing Success Cd's. Come this summer your jaw is gonna drop thanks to my kick butt vocal skills (probably not but hey at least I have confidence!).

     While I'm in Nashville I'll probably look for some songwriter nights. Who knows, I may end up at the Bluebird. One thing I love about Nashville is when you're not trying so hard it is actually a beautiful and fun place to be. I've found with my past trips you don't need to stress over meeting the right people or being better than everyone else. Sometimes you just need to enjoy the moment and the music. Which is exactly what I'm gonna do!

     I hope you are all doing well! Sending hugs and kisses your way! xx


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