It's Just a Spark...

     I thought it was about time for me to write another post. Yesterday, I told you that I had a little surprise for today. Honestly, it was something super spontaneous and much needed.
     The last few days have been kinda blah for me. Saturday, after I had band practice, I was in such a good mood. Things just seemed to scream "bright side" to me. That in itself is very unusual. I will be the first to admit I'm not very good at being positive but for some reason I was super happy. Just like all things in life, it didn't last very long. Things happen, people do hurtful things, and plans don't always work out.
     So yesterday I woke up and I knew I needed to do something to cheer myself up. I don't know about you guys, but I have go-to songs for certain situations in my life. Last Hope by Paramore is the song I go to when I just need to feel better. It reminds me that sometimes you just have to let go of certain situations that aren't in your control. Sometimes tomorrow isn't always better, but it will be eventually. And most of all, when people pour salt into your wounds it's okay to be hurt, but you can't let them steal your happiness and hope. The pain only makes you stronger. That being said, I decided to record a cover of it.

     Last summer I was lucky enough to get to see Paramore perform it live on the Monumentour and I have been meaning to cover it ever since. I realized when I was editing it that I had slowed it down a bit (yes, I still get nervous making videos!) but I hope you guys enjoy my version. It doesn't quite live up to Hayley's wonderful voice but I tried haha. Also, I brought out my electric guitar just for this special occasion. Needless to say I feel a lot better now. 
     I guess the whole point of what I'm trying to say is there is always hope. Some days are going to be good, some days are going to be bad, and some days are going to feel completely hopeless. You just gotta let it happen

*Last Hope lyrics written on the lyric wall in my bedroom.*

     It's just a spark but it's enough to keep me going...

     I love you guys! Hope to see you at some of my upcoming gigs. 

xx Carson 

    P.S. I recorded the song live using GarageBand so what you hear is 100% raw vocals and not pre-recorded. Just a disclaimer haha. 

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