Milestones and Updates...

     Wow, is it June already?! Where has the time gone? I feel like it's been a whirlwind lately of band practice, shows, opening for Johnny Rivers, and watching my sister graduate three times (because she's THAT smart) from UNC Chapel Hill. May was filled to the max. Now it's time for a new month filled with new things.
     I have an announcement I would like to make. Most of you know that for the past three years I have worked with Walter Stewart and Roger Cullis. They have been acting as my managers. May 31st marked the anniversary of our agreement for management. We agreed that when the three years were up, we would reconsider the arrangement and decide where to go from there. After a lot of thought, we have mutually decided to go our separate ways. I appreciate the time they have spent helping, teaching, and supporting me with my music. I will not forget it.
     That being said, I do not have plans for new management any time soon. Since I will be turning eighteen in November, it would not make sense to sign with someone just to re-evaluate a few months down the road. I am happy continuing the hard work I've been putting into my music and career by myself for now.

If you have questions about booking shows/appearances please contact me directly at from now on.

     Currently, I have been working on getting a new website up and releasing a new song very soon. There are a lot of surprises I've been planning that I can't wait to show you guys. I have a show at The Double Door Inn this coming Saturday (June 6th) with my band. It's going to have some elements I've never had before in my shows, so you don't want to miss it!
     Here's to new beginnings.

-Carson Hill

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