Preliminaries of Nashville Rising Star!

     In case I haven’t told you guys lately, YOU ARE THE BEST! If you don’t know what I’m referring to, I’m talking about the fact that you helped me make it through to the semi-finals for a songwriting competition called Nashville Rising Star. 

     A week ago, last Wednesday to be exact, I decided on a whim to go to this competition I had heard so much about. I wasn’t the only one who decided to go that night either. My good buddy Roger Anderson came along with me and signed up. We decided to be adventurous! I was mostly glad I’d have someone to talk to, haha. But, when I got there I saw so many familiar faces. A lot of the same songwriters I see around town had signed up too. It was crazy! There is absolutely nothing like realizing that maybe you’re not as friendless as you think you are. 

     When I first moved to Nashville, I didn’t know anyone.  Now, I can walk into a room and know several people! It’s the best feeling ever. There are a couple of things I can say about Nashville; you run into the same people often and it’s a welcoming community of songwriters. 


     So, let me break down what Nashville Rising Star is all about. 

     As I said before, Nashville Rising Star is a songwriter competition. They have 7 preliminary rounds where you sign up in advance online and then show up that Wednesday night. They randomly draw 21 songwriters to play. You aren’t guaranteed a spot. Thankfully, I was chosen for a round. Every songwriter plays 1 song and after everyone has gone they open polls for online voting. Once they close the polls, whoever had the most online votes wins and then the industry judges pick a winner. Those two winners get to move on to the semi-finals and compete all over again. At the semi-finals, one winner will be chosen by the audience (online voting) and three winners will be chosen by the judges. They get to move on to the finals! Exciting right?! If you want to know more in depth about the contest you can read about it here-

     That brings me to where I’m at now! I’ll be performing in the semi-finals March 1st. I’ll need your help again so mark your calendars! The link will be shared in advance that night so when they open the voting you can be ready.

$20 giftcard I won from KingsBowl!

Mike Mineo who also won the preliminary round of Nashville Rising Star!

     I just really want to say thank you so much to everyone who voted for me last Wednesday. You have no idea what a blessing that was to me. I know so many people at home in NC who were voting on all of their electronic devices. It was late and I wasn’t expecting many people to be up, but it was such a wonderful surprise when you all voted! I wasn’t expecting my name to be called out, but you guys made it possible for me to win. You all believe in me and support me. I have no words to express how grateful I am for all of you! I tried to thank as many people on my social media as possible, but if I missed anyone… THANK YOU! 

From left to right- Jim Frazier (music industry judge), Kim Shrum (music industry judge), Carson Hill (audience winner), Mike Mineo (music industry judge winner), Jaylen Coleman (VIP Manager of Kings Bowl), Keith Mohr (NRS creator/director) 

     I love you all so much and I miss you like crazy! Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers because you’re always in mine. I have a deep love for my home and I’m so proud we could win the first round.

     So, don’t forget! March 1st! I’d really, really, really appreciate it if you would vote for me and share the voting link. I believe with all my heart we can do this! 

     Thank you for always blessing my life with your unending support! I love you!


xx Carson



Photos by Pete Za



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