Goodbye Mellow Mushroom *Sniffles*

     Last Wednesday was a sad one for me. It was my last night playing Mellow Mushroom Downtown Franklin, TN. After a full summer of playing every Wednesday night it was a bittersweet feeling. I had to end my performing there a few weeks early because of my fall #VintageTour. 

     It felt like a dream come true when I landed the Wednesday night slot. A couple of summers before, I had been walking Downtown Franklin during one of my visits (before I moved here) and I saw a band playing on the patio. I remember thinking how cool it would be to play at Mellow Mushroom. Fast forward two summers later and here I am; living in Franklin and playing at the shroom! 

     I can’t tell you how many people I have met through this weekly gig. Even though I have been living in Franklin for almost two years now, I still didn’t know a whole lot of people. Now, I might see someone while I'm getting sushi and they’ll ask me if I was the girl playing at Mellow Mushroom. It’s absolutely crazy! It was a major blessing in my life to have this show to look forward to every week. 

     I want to share some of the highlights from my summer playing at Mellow Mushroom with you guys!

     This was one of my first nights playing at Mellow. Ahhh the memories!

     I love this picture because 1) one of my friends from work (out of the many that came to support me this summer) took it and 2) it captures basically what I saw all summer, the cutest kids and their awesome dance skills. TOO MUCH CUTENESS! 



     When "My Daily Walk" featured me in his video! This was one of those surprises that I look back on and smile at. Thank you again for these beautiful videos! 

     Something I always looked forward to was seeing my friend, John Ford Coley, walking around downtown Franklin. It's always a pleasure seeing his smiling face! Hey John, I'd really love to see you tonight! hahaha.

     My gosh I love this town! This was the view I would get on the particularly beautiful evenings. Not a bad job I must say. 

     This was the only photo we got from the night my band came from NC to play with me. It might be low quality but that night was anything but! I have to brag on my band because they are simply amazing and I love all three of them. Thank you Bobby, Paul, and Zak for coming to spend a Wednesday night with me.

     I owe a lot of thanks to this guy! Chuck helped me set up my sound equipment almost every week. He helped me handle any stressful situations like forgetting an extension chord or a mic stand. Let's face it, someone has to help my scatter brained self haha. Thank you Chuck for all you did this summer and thank you Theresa for being an awesome groupie! Haha.

     Finally, this was taken by my Dad this past week, my last Wednesday night playing at Mellow Mushroom. It was a far cry from the warm, sometimes sweltering hot, summer nights. It started off a cool, breezy evening then turned colder as the sun went down. There weren't as many people walking around, but still a few. People were gearing up for football season and the chillier weather. It was the end of a wonderful summer concert season. I am going to miss my patio concert every Wednesday at Mellow, but I am so grateful for the opportunity. 

     A big thank you to every single person who listened this summer, came to Mellow Mushroom just to hear me, threw in tips, bought a cd, or even just smiled at me while walking by on the ghost tour haha. Thank you to Jay Brown for being my go to fill in on the weeks I couldn’t play. Thank you to the managers, Robert and Brian for always being so sweet and accommodating. Thanks to Sally the bartender for learning my order and never judging how much I ate haha. The Mellow Mushroom staff truly are so friendly and you can tell they are like one big family.

     Whew! So many thank you’s and I still probably missed some people! 

     This summer has been a blast and I’m hoping I can do it again next season! I have cherished every memory and every person I have met. Thank you again to everyone! 

     Next two stops on my fall #VintageTour - Vintage Market Days of North Augusta (Sept. 15th-17th)  and Vintage Market Days of Greensboro (Sept. 22nd-24th). Get your tickets now!

     I love you guys!




     P.s. Jay Brown will be filling in my last few nights on Sept. 13th and 27th, Michael Ricks will be filling in on Sept. 20th! Thank you to both of you!

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