Goodbye Vintage Tour!

     Goodbye #VintageTour!

     I’m back home after my last full weekend of Vintage Market Days shows. When I booked my first Vintage Market Days (VMD for short) I never thought it would lead to a full blown fall tour. I also never imagined I would be apart of such a loving community of people. I have made so many memories and friends over the last few months that I will cherish forever. I’ve gotten to go to places I’ve never been and seen the beauty of how different, yet very similar, we all are. 

     The Vintage Tour started in Asheville, NC and ended in Atlanta, GA with 5 shows in-between. For every city it was three days full of music. Three days full of meeting people and singing my songs. Three days full of seeing things I wanted to buy but couldn’t afford haha. Overall, I had some of the best times playing in these different places. 

     I wanted to share with you guys how my last VMD weekend started. 

     The plan was my Dad was going to fly into Nashville on Wednesday and then Thursday morning we would head out to Atlanta. I was excited to see my Dad and go on a road trip with him. Normally it’s just me and my Mom. Wednesday I got in my car and started driving to the airport. It was rainy and cold; if you’ve ever driven in Nashville you know that traffic is already horrible. If you add rain into the mix people lose their minds. The highway was really backed up and we were all rolling fairly slow. The car in front of me slammed their breaks which caused a chain reaction. I hit my breaks and the car behind me hit theirs. With the wet roads they slid right into the back of my (new to me but old) car. Immediately I started panicking and crying. I had been in a car accident before but I had never been the one driving. It also didn’t help that I was on a major highway and people kept flying by us even after we pulled over to the median. I called my Dad, who was waiting for me to pick him up at the airport, and we had to figure out how he was going to get to me. The guy who was involved apologized profusely and he was super nice while we waited for the police to arrive. While I was standing there I remembered my guitar was in the back of my now crushed car. I started crying harder. My Dad managed to get a taxi to take him to the place we were but he had to cross a MAJOR highway to get to me. Both myself and the guy standing there couldn’t watch as my Dad, quite literally, walked his way across interstate 440. I kept thinking the whole time “Great my car is messed up now my Dad is gonna die.” He held up his hand to each lane and walked, like a boss, across the road. 

     We were still able to drive my car and I wasn’t hurt at all in the accident. Dad drove us home to my apartment. He taped up my back window for me and said, “The show must go on!” Thursday morning I woke up, packed my bag, and we headed out to Atlanta! 

     We had a few little things happen after all of that but I was determined to have a great weekend. 

     When we got to our hotel the lady at the front desk noticed on my ID that my birthday was this coming week. She made a big deal about it and told me happy birthday. Then, when we went to get dinner that night in the hotel, the manager had overheard the whole thing earlier and told me happy birthday again. It’s little things like that I’m so grateful for.

     A big worry of mine was that someone would steal my equipment out of the back of my car with the window busted, but that problem was solved when we arrived at the venue and realized I could leave it there all weekend. 

     So the weekend started and I got to see a lot of my vendor friends. I met some really special people during my breaks from singing and I got the chance to spend some good quality time with my Dad. I had one of my favorite vendors (Lola - Living Out Loud Accessorized) give me a hat as a tip when I went to their counter to pay, and two of my favorite ladies (Loll-Le Gaggin Handcrafted Jewelry) gifted me a tri-star bracelet. I don’t think they realized how much it meant to me after the week I had. 

Hat: Lola (Living Out Loud Accessorized)

Tri-star Wrap Around Leather Bracelet: Loll- Le Gaggin Handcrafted Jewelry

     God really showed me his love through the people at Vintage Market Days; I even received several supportive and loving texts from friends telling me they were glad I was ok and they were praying for me. It’s amazing how little acts of kindness really do make a difference. I was blessed with a lot of those this past weekend. 

     I wanted to share all of this with you guys not so you would feel sorry for me but to show that little things you do really can make a difference. Just simply saying something nice can change someone’s day. 

     I really feel so lucky to have gotten the opportunity to travel this fall with VMD. I wish I could fully express how much this tour has meant to me. 

     Thank you to everyone who has listened at every VMD, bought cd’s, or just simply ‘liked’ my Facebook Page. You mean more to me than you know. 

     See ya next spring, VMD!


     xx Carson


     P.s. NEW WEBSITE LAUNCHES TOMORROW! Oh boy, you guys have no idea what I’ve got planned for you….


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