EP Update!

     Howdy guys!

     We can all thank my drummer, Paul Graham, for this blog post. He always reminds me when it’s been a while since I’ve written one. How would my blog stay alive without him?! Haha.

     Honestly, I have had so much going on since the launch of my new website that I haven’t had much time to sit down and put thoughts to paper. That being said, being busy is when I’m at my happiest! I have been extremely happy these days. 

     You guys remember that Single I dropped a while back? You know, the beach anthem that makes you want to #RunAway from life for a little while? Well, that opened the door for me to work on some new music for y’all. Around November I started planning a new EP with my producer, Keith Harris. Early December we finished deciding our song selection and got busy in the studio recording them! God has blessed me in more ways than I can share through the process of making this EP. My friendship with Keith and making these songs come to life were my saving grace these last few months. I have a lot of stories to share. Maybe one day I will go more in-depth on the songs of this EP and the journey I’ve been on while making it, but for now, I wanted to update you guys and tell you I’m working hard on getting new tunes in your hands. 

     I’m currently on my spring tour with Vintage Market Days! Check out the dates on my website and come out to a show. I also have some news to share about summer gigs I’ve got going on so stay tuned for that.

     I’m gonna leave you guys with a cute picture of Keith’s dog #AlvinTheSheepdog until the next blog post….

My studio buddy, Alvin. 

My studio buddy, Alvin. 

     Peace out girl scout.