Bitter - The Story Behind The Song

     Hello everyone! 

Why ya gotta be so bitter? 

Why ya gotta be so bitter? 

     I hope you liked the teaser for my song “Bitter”! I’ve already received quite a few comments about how some of you can’t wait to hear what inspired this gem. 

     Have you ever been in a situation/disagreement that was so absolutely ridiculous you had to laugh to keep from crying? I found myself in that exact place. As funny and sarcastic as my song “Bitter” is, I wrote it in a place filled with a lot of hurt. 

     People are very interesting to me. We all react to things differently. In this specific situation, with this specific person, I found myself trying to explain my side of things. Every time I tried to though, my explanation was always met with a punch to the gut from harsh words. There comes a point when you have to realize that when someone is bitter they are going to believe what they want to believe, think what they want to think, and there is no amount of explaining that will help them see your side of things. 

     Once I realized that, I threw my hands in the air and gave up. Whatever they thought about me was on them. I had tried everything I could to make things right. Well, some people just don’t let things go. They continued to stir up drama. Finally, I made one of the best decisions I think I could have ever made in that moment. 

     I decided I wasn’t going to let their bitterness towards me make me bitter. 

     I decided I wasn’t going to let them steal my sunshine a second longer. 

     Just because some people may speak badly about you out of bitterness, doesn’t mean they are speaking the truth. 

     I know who I am. I know my intentions were good and I know I didn’t go out of my way to hurt anyone. I could’ve let their hurtful words fuel me but I didn’t. I simply let it go. Then I wrote this song. 

     You can ask any of my friends, humor, sarcasm, and a bit of sassiness is how I deal with any painful situation. Did I cry a lot over the reason for this song? Absolutely. Did I also laugh my butt off while writing it to lift my mood? You bet your *bleep* I did. 

     “Bitter” was written as a reminder to not let other people define who I am or steal my joy. 

     On another fun note, Keith added a synth bass in the studio that I am obsessed with. He also, very successfully might I add, made the guitars sound like they are making fun of the whole situation. Gotta love production! 



     I can’t wait for you all to hear the full song! 

     Thank you for your love and support. I have some more exciting things to come!



     The Heart of a Songwriter OUT SEPTEMBER 14th!


     P.s. Don’t let anyone steal your sunshine today!



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