What Happened to Us - The Story Behind The Song

Photography courtesy of  Eric Adkins Photography

Photography courtesy of Eric Adkins Photography

     Hi friends!

     This story behind the song means a lot to me for the simple fact that I keep relating to it more and more over time. 

     “What Happened to Us” was written one night when I was reminded of a really funny memory of someone who use to be one of my best friends. Something was said in the conversation that reminded me of them so I started laughing, but then I slowly stopped. It hit me that I hadn’t talked to them in a really long time. We didn’t have a big fight. We didn’t have a big fall out. We didn’t vow we’d never speak again. We just slowly fell apart from each other. It’s the growing pains of getting older.

     After I had that realization I remember thinking to myself, can I really even call them a friend anymore? I have no idea what's going on in their life right now. It was really heartbreaking for me to realize that I hadn’t spoken to someone in a really long time when I use to talk to them every single day. 

     Even though “What Happened to Us” was written about 5 years ago, I still find myself asking that. Not just about that specific friend but also friends that have come and gone in my life since. Growing up is hard but growing out of a friendship is harder. Honestly, growing out of any relationship is hard haha. Most people assume this is a break up song but it’s actually about the sad reality that you’ve lost touch with someone who meant a lot to you. Neither one of you is to blame, it’s just life. 

     Every once in a blue moon I’ll get a text from the friend this was written about. Every once in a blue moon I’ll text the friend this was written about haha. We keep in touch occasionally. Our lives look very different than they once did but I still love my friend dearly. 

     So, whether this song reminds you of a childhood friend you’ve fallen out of touch with, or a friend you’ve recently outgrown, I hope this song lets you know you are not alone. Some people come into your life only for a season. 

     Even though there’s lyrics like,

     “When do I stop calling you a friend ‘cause I know you’re not”

     I am a firm believer there are some people who will always be in your life cheering you on from a distance.


     I know I will always be cheering them on from a distance. 







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