Look So Good - The Story Behind The Song

Photography courtesy of Eric Adkins Photo

Photography courtesy of Eric Adkins Photo

     I hope y’all have been enjoying all of the teaser videos I’ve released! We’ve got one more on Friday then a special surprise next week.(!!!!!!!) I can’t believe September 14th will be here soon

     The excitement is uncontainable! 

     Monday I released the teaser for my song “Look So Good”. I wrote this song a really long time ago. It sat in my phone memos for about a year or two because I never could think of a good second verse for it. Then a little inspiration came and I finished it. 

     Sadly, there isn’t much of a story behind this one. It’s just a feel good love song about thinking, “Man, I could look at you all day and be perfectly happy.” For me, the first verse I think rings truest to how I am when I really like someone. My producer, Keith, laughed at it when we were recording.


“Heart beats just a little bit faster
I’m a walking disaster
Whenever you’re around”


     Yup, that sums me up nicely haha. I think we all have moments where we find someone to be so amazing that we could literally do nothing with them and think it was the best thing ever.

     I first got the idea for “Look So Good” listening to a song by a band I LOVED. I know that’s probably not the best thing to admit (I didn’t steal any lyrics from them, of course) but their song talked about finding someone so perfect that you would be willing to run away with them. You would make mixtapes for them. You’d get their name tattooed in an arrow heart. You would basically be the cheesiest version of yourself for them. It was kind of a cheesy song looking back, but I loved it. 

     I loved the idea that someone could be your favorite view and that when you were with them nothing else really mattered. 

     So, Keith worked his magic and made this a song that I want to listen to with the top down on my jeep driving around on a sunny day. He rearranged the chord progression and made this song, that I've been singing for years, feel brand new. That's been one of my favorite things about this process; Keith has turned my older songs into new and exciting jams. 

     I hope this gives you all the warm and fuzzy feelings it gives me. 

     Thank you for tuning in! Friday will be the last Story Behind The Song! Trust me, it’s a good one! 






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