Might Not See It Now - The Story Behind The Song

Photography courtesy of Eric Adkins Photo

Photography courtesy of Eric Adkins Photo

     We’ve arrived at the last story behind the song! (For now at least haha)

     Sharing the inspiration behind each song on this EP has been so much fun for me and knowing you guys care enough to read about it has warmed my heart. I’ve posted each teaser video and blog post in order that the songs appear on the EP. It seemed only fitting that “The Heart of a Songwriter” closes with the last song I wrote for it. 

     “Might Not See It Now” is a very special song to me. I wrote it about the hindsight that comes with heartbreak. I’m aware that when I write songs they are from my point of view so, as I explain the inspiration behind this song I want to make sure I tell my story and respect that there is another point of view that I can’t speak for. 

     I wrote “Might Not See It Now” when I had the heartbreaking realization that as much as you might love someone it doesn’t necessarily mean they treat you right. You can believe the best in them, be their biggest supporter, and have really good times with them, but if they keep letting you down when it comes to things that mean a lot to you, that's not okay. You could love them more than anything in the world but if they end up making you cry more than they make you smile, that’s not enough. Eventually it starts to take a toll on you. I found myself in a place of feeling utterly exhausted after taking up for them time and time again. It wasn’t until I was on my way to a show, crying my eyes out, that I realized no amount of loving someone was going to make it okay. 

     Writing a song can be really hard to explain sometimes. For this one in particular, I didn’t fully realize how I felt until after I was finished writing it. I didn’t really want to see the truth of it all but when it was laid out in front of me I couldn’t ignore it. This song helped me let go of someone I loved so much but ultimately wasn’t there for me in the way I needed them to be. 

     When I sent my voice memo of it to Keith he said we needed to put it on the EP.

     Most of the songs on this EP I wrote several years ago. This song was the first time I was still experiencing the emotions while the recording process was taking place. It was all still very fresh to me. The vocals on this track are actually the scratch vocals. Keith and I both agreed that there was something honest and raw in it and we wanted to keep that. Blair Masters played a beautiful B3 track on it that gives me chills. It was a truly therapeutic process to make this for the EP. 



     I love being honest in my music. I love everything about songwriting and emotions. Most of all, I love how The Heart of a Songwriter EP has really helped me find myself again over the last 8 months. It’s held my hand and reminded me the love found in music. 

     We are now 5 days away from the release! 

     I hope that y’all have enjoyed reading my ramblings about my songs. I get kind of nerdy about songwriting if you haven’t noticed. 

     I will be doing a CD Release Facebook Live Party Friday at 7:45ish EST! Tune in and celebrate these songs with me! 

     Thank you for reading. Thank you for caring. Thank you for your never ending support. 

     I love you! 






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