There's A Song For Everything...

Have you ever had to remind yourself why you loved something in the first place? Whether it’s a hobby, passion project, job, or all of the above - there comes a point you will have to deal with some not so fun things that go along with it. Those are the times you have to remind yourself why you fell in love with it to begin with.


That’s a problem I face sometimes with my music. Being so passionate about something comes with the downside of getting burned out. When you love something so much, and it consumes so much of your time, it’s really easy to forget the “why” behind it.

I remember being really young when I fell in love with music. It was the soundtrack to our morning/afternoon rides to and from school. It was the background music to our family vacations. When I got older, it was the anthem to my summer nights riding in my jeep with my best friend. There’s a song for everything.

I fell in love with songs. Hearing a song that perfectly relates to your feelings or situation is pure magic. 

Growing up, I’ve always felt a little out of place. I know everyone feels that way at some point but I felt (and still sometimes feel) very alone. I was a homeschooled kid for most of my school years. Even though I was very social, had friends in public school, and went to high school football games, I think a lot of the kids in my hometown didn’t really know what to make of me. Since I didn’t go to school with them, I wasn’t a part of the high school drama (thank God) and I wasn’t really in the loop with parties. I didn’t have a lot of guys that wanted to date me (again, I think they didn’t know what to make of me haha). I didn’t really care about the typical things high schoolers care about because at that point I was traveling every weekend playing music. 

I say all of this because getting to hear a song that expressed exactly how I felt in a time when I felt super out of the “norm” meant everything to me. When I started writing songs I wanted to write something that people could relate to on the same level. While there are many facets of songwriting that I love, recently I’ve had to remind myself of this main one - I want to write songs that make people feel understood and not alone.

I want to write songs for the girls that don’t feel like the “it” girl - you know the one that is a bombshell, every guy in the room either knows her or wants to know her, she says all the right things, and she grabs the attention of everyone in the room. I am definitely not that girl. Even if I tried to be I will never be that girl. I want to write songs for the girls that are terrible at flirting and tend to stick their foot in their mouth. The girls that have a tendency to be on the shy side. The girls that overthink every situation. The girls that are sometimes the wallflower because watching people is way more interesting than being the one talking. I want to write songs for the girls that feel more like a sidekick than the center of attention because I know what it feels like to feel that way.

In Nashville people are writing songs all the time. Thousands of songs are written every day. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and burned out on writing. It’s really easy to start asking yourself if anyone will care about what you have to say. I have to remind myself that someone out there needs to hear that they’re not alone. (Oh my gah that was cheesy but I will stand by it.)

After that long rambling of feelings, I also wanted to let you guys know I’ve been writing some new songs that I’m really proud of. Videos coming soon! ;) I hope they can be soundtracks to your feelings or situations. 

xx Carson

Comment below a song that was there for you in a time you needed it! 

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